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Elsawy Tennis CenterElsawy Tennis CenterElsawy Tennis CenterElsawy Tennis Center  



Elsawy Tennis and Sports Center is a sports managment company dedicated to helping start-up and existing sports companies and programs reach their full potential. ETSC was founded in 2006 by world renowned tennis player Tamer El sawy. With a culture of excellence and complete dedication to our clients best intrest we have acheived bench marks in the managment field that are second to none. The services we provide is custumized for every project and tailored to the specific needs of the club, company or program we are partnering with. Our dedicated staff is on call for future consultation and to work on your behalf for years after our service has been conducted and will remain a partner for as long as you would like. The sports field is like no ther, formulas, finances and structure are very different from any other business, that is why general businesss theories need to be tailored and adjusted to our specific field of work.


"It is our mission to be your partner and help guide you to your ultimate vision. Our mission is to turn your vision and dream into a real on the ground success that we all can be proud of. No goal too high and no obstacle without a solution, so we will asses your goals and manage your project to reach those goals. We build, organize, staff and automate all your business needs, the way you want it. Every new, old, fresh or outdated sports plan can come to life as a powerhouse, you just need the right people, our mission is to manage any facility or project to its top potential and be the right choice for you."