1) All Waterchase Residents and Guests who wish to use the Tennis Courts have to fill out all necessary registration and medical release and liability forms prior to stepping on the court.

2) Guests have to be accompanied by the Resident during the court usage at all times.

3) All Residents are welcome to step on any open court until the reserving party shows up, then kindly please step off for them.

4) Sports attire and Tennis shoes are a must.

5) No other activities besides tennis is allowed on the courts, that is to preserve the court surface and minimize damage, thank you.

6) Reserve a court before showing up to guarantee play time.

7) No outside Pros or Coaches permitted on WaterchaseTennis Courts at anytime, as guests or otherwise.

8) This is your facility, so please respect it and avoid damaging it or moving any court component without staff permission.

We are very proud of our tennis community and being part of the larger Waterchase community and are doing everything we can to protect everyones interest and keep our tennis courts and programs at the highest level for all of you to enjoy.

Feel free to contact us at 813-808 2982 or tamer@elsawytennis.com , if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you all for adhering to the above rules and regulations.

I have read and Agree to ETC rules and regulations.