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Adult Program

The adult program consists of two parts, group session and private lessons.

Private lessons are arranged with the coach of your choice and are always recommended for all adults that have not played for a while and are looking to get back in the game.


The other component is a weekly adult clinic conducted on every Saturday. The clinic has a specific goal and focus every week. It is constructed to complement any level player and teach the main fundamentals of technical and strategic aspects of the game.

Weather you are a doubles player or a singles specialist we have the information you are looking for.

As per the request of all our adult players, we are in the process of arranging a second clinic to be conducted during the week. As soon as we get it on the way, we will be happy to include you as well. Don’t forget to call and check with us on the Date and time.


For all professionals who play after work, all our coaches are available from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm to get you out on the court. We will let you to decide when you want to come out.


All our programs are run by professionals who train high level college and pro athletes, so you will always be in great hands. For any further questions or adjustments to our current program, please feel free to contact us at the listed numbers.


Join the best adult program in Tampa and give us a chance to let you unleash your talents.