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This program is designed for beginner tennis players. It is a program that provides a fun competitive way to learn the game.

The full tiger program will take you from never holding a tennis racquet to tournament ready in less than twelve months.

Tiger program offers the flexibility that parents need by offering a semi (two times a week) enrollment, for all those students that have other activities they are involved in, and gives more time for homework which a lot of kids need to achieve academically as well. The program also provides a more dedicated version which is the full version (three times a week) for those kids who have the desire to achieve faster and reach a tournament level without any delays.


The program is one hour and fifteen minutes hour long that includes:

  • A warm-up zone

  • A tennis and fun Zone

  • A coordination and motor skills Zone


Tiger: (offered three days a week)


·          Semi: 2 sessions a week, 1.5 hours each.

·          Full:   3 sessions a week, 1.5 hours each



All our programs are run by professionals who train high level college and pro athletes, so your son or daughter will always be in great hands. For any further questions or adjustments to our current set, please feel free to contact us at the listed numbers.

Join the best after school program in Tampa and give us a chance to let your youngster unleash his or her talents.

 Enrollment in this program is per semester. Please check Semesters and Times for ETC.